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Roller Shutters

TBT Security Doors provide huge range of Roller Shutters for Sale in Melbourne. We are Leading in Security Door Shutters & Roller Shutter Supplier in Victoria.

Roller Shutters are high quality aluminium and shutter components in all manufactured roller shutters.

TBT Security Doors

TBT Security Doors and Roller Shutters are the agent for CWP Products that are manufactured product and produced in South Australia, their aluminium shutters have been in the market place for many a year and is a leader in its field, CWP is a family run business with genuine family values, and its after customer care is second to none, giving TBT AND ITS CUSTOMERS VALUE FOR MONEY AND PIECE OF MIND AND SUPPORT.

The range of shutters are there to suit all sorts of conditions and customer needs from, Weather, Intruders, Heating, Cooling and it’s a very good product for night shift workers, as it restricts light and some noise for a better rest, for either commercial or the domestic market.

There are many other ranges of shutters for the customer to consider such as 42ml, and 55ml Aluminium shutter there is also a fully extruded 42ml profile and then there is a Shutter called Easy view which is constructed from poly-carb and aluminium. These Shutters can be utilised in the domestic or commercial applications such as Sporting Clubs, Houses, Factories and removable office or construction huts/ building.

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TBT Security Doors


Reliable, efficient and affordable

• Our Money Market for completive re payment terms

• Able to lend between $2k and 75k for approved customers (terms and conditions apply)

• 5 Years warranty on all electric motors and 1 year on electric components

• Genuine FAAC Motor (made in Italy) and to Australian Electrical Standards.

• Remote control and Smoke detector for safety (protection from electrical failure and smoke hazard)

• Rust and corrosion free 100% Aluminium components

• Certificate of compliance from qualified electricians

• Professional installation

TBT Security Doors


• 5 Year warranty on shutter profile

• Reduce your heating & cooling CHARGES WITH thermal insulated SHUTTERS

• Provide privacy & security and reduction of noise

• Reduce dust from penetrating the home

• Reduce some noise more if all windows are covered

• Reduce light for night shift workers

• Easy operation with either 240volt or solar and battery operation’s

• And in some areas were bushfires can be an issue

• Restrict curtains and blinds from fading

• Protect your home from intruders

• Open/close by switch, remote control or manually

• Available in a range of colour combinations

• And your insurance premiums can also be cheaper approach your insurance company.

TBT Security Doors


No Deposit | No Break Fee | Low Rate