TBT Security Doors


Protect your home with ClearShield, either domestic or
business properties.

ClearShield is manufactured and made from 1.5mm stainless steel sheeting and has been independently test and proven to with stand an impact nine times that is required by Australian Standards AS5039-2008TEST.

ClearShield offer a variety of hinged and sliding doors that are fitted with range of locks and can be keyed alike with two or more doors.

Fixed window screens are also available and emergency exits screens (AS5039-2008 REQUIRES 5 X IMPACT AT 100J OF ENERGY)

• Manufactured in Melbourne
• Optimum visibility without compromising security
• Advanced tough marine grade perforated stainless steel
• Hinged, sliding, and Stacker Doors
• 7-year warranty, rust, corrosion resistant.
• Powder coated in standard colours
• Three point locking system

Product standards:
• AS 5039 – 2008 – Product standard testing
• AS 5041 – 2008 – Method of test standard
• Dynamic impact test
• Pull test
• Knife sheer test
• Jemmy Test



Note that there is available, a product called Clearshield eXtremewhich is manufactured for the cyclonic conditions in West Australia and Far North Queensland and is certainly available in Victoria’s coastal areas. These are only quoted on request, at contact@tbtsecuritydoors.com.au

Clearsheild eXtreme is available for Hinged and sliding
doors and Screens and is manufactured with the
following specification

ClearShield eXtreme Hinged & Sliding Security Doors Spec.

Grade: 6063- T6

Aluminium Framing
Dimension: 75mm x 19mm Extruded Aluminium
Coating: If Anodised, minimum of 15um to A.S 3715
If Powder Coated, Chromate pre-treated and powder coated to A.S 3715.
Grade: T304

Stainless Steel Sheet
– Finish: 2B
– Construction: Flat ‘round holed’ perforations
– Thickness: 1.5mm ‘Raw Un-Coated’
– Hole Size: 1.8mm +/- 0.1mm ‘When Coated’
– Spacing: 3.5mm
– Pitch: 60 degrees staggered pitch
– Retaining edge of sheet: 5mm x 90 degrees folded on all sides
– Coating: Pre-treated with GB4520 chrome process and
powder coated with Jotun polyester powder coating to a
minimum of 70 microns.
– Corner Staking: Heavy duty aluminium extruded staking angle
to be used with 4 x 6-4 aluminium rivets per corner.

Construction Specification
Stainless Steel Sheet Retaining Method: Stainless Steel Sheet must be totally insulated from the aluminium frame and or any dissimilar metals using the ClearShield proprietary insulating membrane. Stainless Steel Sheet is to be retained securely inside the aluminium frame using the ClearShield wedge that retains the bent edge of the sheet within a zone in the
aluminium frame.

Three point locking system and three hinges must be used and installed as per the manufacturers A.S 5039 test report.

Locking Mechanism
Infill must withstand 20 cycles the AS4483 Knife shear test without penetration greater than 150mm

Infill must withstand 900 joules of impact as used in AS1170.2.2011 without infill retention failure. Infill must
withstand a minimum of 2,000hrs salt spray testing to AS4506-2005 with nil corrosion.


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